An Inn for Experiencing Traditional Culture

Our Ancestral Japanese Spirit

Thinking of our predecessors

The lilt sound and rhythm of clattering of woods on the loom.The steam rising from the kettle and the aroma of freshly cooked rice.The savory bitterness and sweetness of the slightly burnt rice at the bottom of the pot.The limpid coolness of the water from the creek.When our senses are satisfied, our hearts are also become content. Please spend a relaxing and luxurious time in this 110-year-old house with massive beams, thinking about the lives of people in the past and talking with each other by the hearth.We hope that this trip will enrich your daily life a little more.

Thinking of our ancestors

An inn where you can experience traditional Japanese living

The charm of Tsutaya lies in the experience that can only be had here, using equipment and tools as they were used in the olden days. With your own hands and gradually completing each task, you will feel a small but definite sense of accomplishment that is hard to experience in today's life. These various experiences will make your stay in an old private house even more memorable.


Experience the Ancient Lifestyle through Handicrafts

Life at the time, when the Tsutaya building was built, was not as comfortable as it is today. However, even in such circumstances, people sought various measures to make their lives as comfortable as possible.

In hot summers, people removed fixtures to create breezes, blocked sunlight with reed screens and bamboo blinds, and cooled themselves with the sound of wind chimes. Instead of refrigerators, vegetables were cooled with river water, and the abundant food was dried or pickled in salt for preservation. You can find the ingenuity of ancient people's lifestyles everywhere in Tsutaya’s buildings and experiences. Please come and experience them firsthand.